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About Me

Growing up, I was always interested in the beauty industry.

I started off going to design school after graduating high school. Once I realized I was more interested in the hair and makeup side of fashion, I left and went to cosmetology school, which was probably the greatest decision I have made to date. I feel so lucky that it came naturally to me, and I quickly became so passionate about the industry.


As a freelance hairstylist and makeup artist based in Western Massachusetts since 2007, I’ve attended multiple classes and seminars to aid in honing my craft and really finding what I love to do the most. 


Focusing on my attention to detail with clipper cuts, Specializing in blondes, creating natural looking dimensional color and my love for Bridal and every day makeup, I strive to offer high quality services, perfectionism, and professionalism. I also pride myself on never shying away from a challenge.

That being said, bridal hair, fashion colors are not in my wheelhouse, but I do have many recommendations for stylists who do.

My goal is to give 100% to my guests each visit, and help them achieve the hair and makeup they’ve been looking for all along, with as much or as little styling as possible. Because, Sometimes you just want to wash and wear, am I right?!

You will see below, there are links to my online booking page and virtual store for all your appointment and styling product needs!

In my free time, especially during our 2020 lock down, I started getting back into art, and trying my hand at digital art.

I will admit, it took me a while to get to a point where I felt comfortable, but now I must say, I have found my flow with it and have been doing some commissioned art pieces for people. It has been such a great and fun side project. 

It also allowed me to do all the art you see on here, which was a fun way to make it all mine and all original.

If you like any of what you see and are interested in buying/commissioning something, please message me. I love doing it.

If you have questions at all about anything I offer, services or products please feel free to contact me below.


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