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Extensions are a great way to add length, volume or both.

If you're thinking about getting Extensions, here is everything you need to know when booking



Based on Consultation

Tape-in Installation / Adjustment: Starting at $250

Sew-in Installation / Adjustment: Starting at $350

Removal: $200

*This does not include the price of the hair.

The price of hair is determined during your consultation and is used as your deposit for the appointment.

You are responsible for the cost of hair, tax and shipping.

Prices for hair vary, but a base is listed below


Hybrid Wefts

One full pack of 18" staring at $355

One full pack of 22" starting at $475

One half Pack of 14" starting at $100

One half pack of 18" starting at $195

One half pack of 22" starting at $325

One half pack of 24" starting at $495



One pack of 12" starting at $60

One pack of 14" starting at $72

One pack of 16" starting at $80

One pack of 18" starting at $92

One pack of 22" starting at $115

One pack of 24" starting at $125


Use a sulfate free shampoo.

Use conditioner mid-to-ends, avoid getting too much conditioner on the tape.

Dry completely, do not leave them wet.

Sleep in two braids or loose pigtails to avoid pulling.

Style them like you would your natural hair.

Make sure to dry them after working out/ sweating.



Do not sleep with them wet.

Do not cut them.

Do not remove them yourself or have someone other than me remove them

Do not color or lighten them yourself.

If you cut your extensions or take them out yourself / have them taken out elsewhere, I will not put them back in.

If you color or lighten them yourself I will not adjust them or put them back in.

Do not  go in the ocean / saltwater with extensions. If you do, make sure you have your hair up. and keep it from getting in the water. Same goes for chlorinated swimming pools.

Do not use any sea salt styling products. 



If within the first two to three weeks after having your extensions installed, if you feel they are too long, need to be moved / adjusted or are experiencing discomfort of any kind, please reach out. Adjustments of any kind during the first two to three weeks are complementary.

Any adjustments afterwards will be charged accordingly.


You will be required to purchase new tape every 8 weeks for the reinstallation of tape-in extensions. 


New hair should be ordered every 6 months for both sew-in and tape-in extensions, a week prior to your appointment.


Gently brush them at least twice a day.


With Tape-in Extensions, if one happens to fall out, you might see hair in the tape. This is not your hair being ripped out by the extension, this is the hair that would normally shed day to day, it just has nowhere to go, therefore it gets stuck in the tape.


If your extensions are causing you discomfort, please let me know as soon as possible, do not take them out yourself, or have another stylist or friend take them out.


If you have someone other than myself take them out, there's nothing I can do if there's a problem with hair loss or scalp issues. Which, if taken care of properly, shouldn't happen.


That being said, your extensions  will grow with your natural hair. Sliding is normal depending on your hair type. If you wash and dry them correctly, and treat them well, you shouldn't run into a problem.

Again, unless one comes out on its own, do not take them out on your own or go to another salon to have them removed.


Once you take your extensions out, it is normal to feel like you have less hair (because you do) 

It's because you no longer have the added hair to feel as full as you did when they were in. That's normal, do not panic.


If tying it up or wearing your hair back with tape-in extensions, make sure to not have it up for a long period of time, as tension can cause them to slide faster.


Extensions are a luxury, which means they require maintenance and upkeep and are on the expensive side. I can not give you a refund on the hair itself, as that comes directly from the comanty and I show you the order before it is placed.

If you aren’t happy with them within the first two weeks I can offer you a partial refund of the service.

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